Sunday, February 3, 2008


HOLD your breadth! Knash your teeth - and now raise a cheer!. The ‘Jalco Cup’ is ours again, writes Kofi Badu.
“We have won it with a shattering display of team work, a marvellous display of ball control and brainy tactics - the combination that puzzled the Nigerians.
Seven goals to nil, the score was. And make no mistake, it could have reached the dozen mark had our players been a little more serious in the second half.
“Prolific, devastating, incredible - this is the devil incarnate aroused to a limitless degree!
“That was the start. The historic start of the Gold Coast team which sent the thousands of people at the stadium into a victory day celebration.
“This is the Gold Coast splitting through what is supposed to be a nation’s defence like red-hot knife cutting through butter.
“Two goals came in a space of four minutes, another in a further six minutes - and who else could double the superiority of the boys in green jerseys and white shorts.
“Now forget about the start. Follow me to the end of the first half.
“The Gold Coast Police Band is marching through the field. The crowd is settling down. And the score - it’s six goals to nil against Nigeria.
“It seems incredible. But that was the game. And the most astonishing part - two goals came in a space of four minutes.
“Look at how it happened. Kobina Otoo stopped the ball from the kick-off. A pass to Baba Yara on the right wing. Ntephe was beaten and Charles Gyamfi ran to take the position of Yara. The next moment, handkerchiefs were flying through the air; pandemonium reigned - the Gold Coast were one goal up in the first two minutes.
“The goal kick— and off they went again. This time, it was to the opposite wing.
“Oscar Gesper got the pass from James Adjei, raced with it to the wing, centred - and as Gyamfi sprinted through again, the result was obvious.
“A typical ground shot and O’Dwyes was stretched like a star-fish on the floor as the ball flashed into the net again. Two goals, four minutes!
“Nigeria tried to fight back. Anieke set the field, sent a through pass to Cyril, back to Anieke, then to Onyeanwuna.
“But there he was - skipper “
Gold Coast: A. R. Kassum, Kwami Appiah, Ben Sissuh, Kwamina Otoo, Chris Briandt (captain), Tim Darbah, Baba Yara, James Adjei, Asebi Boakye, C. K. Gyamfi, Oscar Gasper.
Coaches: Joe Ocquaye and Sam Kumi
Nigeria: O’Dwyer, Nwaiwu, Okoriji, Dike, Ibe, Ntephe, Cyril Asohika, Onyeawuna, Unwulaka, Peter Anieke (captain) Ironkwe.
Coach: Dan Anyiam. Team Manager: Etim Ironbar.


THE occasion was the first leg of the World Cup eliminations and the match was played in Lagos on February 19, 1973.
The Black Stars won the match 3-2, after trailing 1-2 at half time.
Kwasi Owusu, playing at centre-forward, scored all of Ghana’s three goals in the 18th, 55th and 85th minutes, while Yakubu Mambo got both goals for Nigeria in the 15th and 40th minutes.
After Ghana’s third goal, however, pandemonium broke out and in the heat of the confusion Nigerian fans set ablaze the ‘Setra’ bus that had conveyed Ghanaian supporters to Lagos for the match.
Ghana: Lante France, Enoch Asumadu, Ayi Acquah, Tetteh Gorleku, Dan Oppon, Eric Amankwaa, Kwasi Owusu, Isaac Eshun, Malik Eshun.
Coaches: Ben Kwofie and Nicolae Dimitru
Nigeria: Essem, Tony Igwe, Njoku, Owolabi, Mohammed Sain, Ottah, Ezeani, Sunday Oyarekhua, Yakubu Mambo, Illerika Haruna, Olayoubo/Obianika, Josiah Dombraye.


THE last time Nigeria won a competititve match at the Accra Stadium against the Black Stars was some 24 years ago — on October 30, 1983, to be precise.
The match was in connection with the Olympic Games qualifying series. The first leg, which was played in Lagos on October 15, 1983, had ended 0-0.
Inside-left Chizubor Ihlelegbu and right winger Ademola Adeshina scored for Nigeria in the 48th and 89th minutes respectively.
Opoku Nti scored Ghana’s only goal in the 73rd minute,
Ghana: Owusu-Mensah, Hesse Odamtten, Kwasi Appiah, Baba Gambo, Isaac Paha (captain), Papa Arko, Bannerman/Botchway, George Lamptey, Kayede, Opoku Nti/Aziz, Kofi Abbrey.
Team Manager: Osam Duodu. Coach: E. K. Afranie
Nigeria: Peter Rufai, Amos Edosdogbe, Yisa Shofoluwe, Louis Iguibo, Anthony Edward, Kingsley Paul, Fatai Yekini, Ademola Adeshina/Wole Odegbami, Sunday Daniel Chizubor, Charles Osuji.

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